Saturday, April 13, 2013

The proposal

Yes, I know. If I watch rom-coms I deserve what I get.

I watched "The Proposal" last night. Wow, what a stinker. I mean, it's kind of a bad thing when you're watching a romantic comedy and hoping the besieged couple doesn't make it. The Sandra Bullock character was so unsympathetic--blackmailing your secretary into a marriage? Passing on his manuscript to keep him at your beck and call? Cutting in line?--I really wanted her to get caught and sent back to Canada.

The secondary characters might have been good--c'mon! Betty White was the granny!--except that, in typical rom-com style, they were totally overplayed, one-dimensional, stereotypical characters. 

The only reason to watch this movie is the great scenery. Pretty landscape, pretty people. Other than that, it's a pass.

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