Monday, November 12, 2012

Not so good about blogging

But I'm right on track with writing. I had a cold this week and Tuesday was a wash, but other than that I've managed at least 500 words every day, most days more. To date I'm up to 5441 words (I haven't written today yet), averaging 544 words per day. Last year at this time I was doing a little better (5964 words) but I fell off the bandwagon on the 11th and didn't get back to writing for about half a week. I remember getting discouraged about this point because I was so far behind and realized I couldn't make it. This year I'm not feeling that at all.

Which just goes to show that if I make small, reasonable goals for myself I can make them and then I feel good enough to push beyond them, getting me further than if I make a big goal and then miss. I know some people are "aim for the stars" types, figuring if they go big but work hard and miss, they've still achieved a lot. I'm not like that--I have to feel some success or I just get demoralized and feel like I suck at whatever I'm trying to accomplish.

Again, not that anyone is reading this except me, but if someone else does happen across this, how about you? What motivates you better? Fantastically high goals that you miss or small goals you achieve?

**update** I wrote 1056 words tonight, which takes me up to a grand total of 6497 words this month. I didn't get there until day 17 last year. Slow and steady...

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