Sunday, December 2, 2012


Holidays are wonderful time-sinks, especially these ones at the end of the year, with all of the delicious but intricate food, the shopping, the decorating, and the parties. Why did I pretty much abandon my NaNoWriMo? Right, because of all the partying we did in Alabama with the family.

It was fun, and worth it, especially since it's been several years since we last visited and will definitely be several more before we make it back down there. Still, the stress, the time change, and the social requirements left little time for anything productive.

Oh yeah, and I spent a lot of time taking pictures. Apparently, if I do one thing creative (like photography) it steals all my mental energy and focus for anything else. So, I have a bunch (A BUNCH) of lovely pictures of family that we will no doubt treasure for years to come. I can't feel bad enough about that to really even be remotely sad that I didn't do any significant writing. I do look forward to getting back into writing, since my two writing projects (dissertation and novel) seem to reinforce one another.

I do feel bad that since we got back I haven't done much, though again, it's been tough amidst the physical fatigue and the illnesses plaguing us all. I've been unable to focus since we got back, and the last couple of days Paul's been seriously under the weather.

I need a vacation from my vacations so I can get  back to blessed productivity!

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